Little Grounders l Keeping Kids in Cribs, Keeps Parents in Bed Too

Keeping Kids in the Crib, Keep Parents in Bed Too

“Oh wow, you did something different with your hair.” Smiling is the appropriate answer. Here’s the real answer: it’s unbrushed, unwashed and turning grey because all of a sudden, your child thinks bedtime is synonymous with the next great crib escape. 

It’s a common mom dilemma. You thought you were in the clear when your little one finally started to eat more and sleep longer and just as you were cherishing the dream come true of an additional hour or two of snoozing, you got a nightmare instead. Your baby is now climbing out of the crib!

This isn’t only the biggest tease of parenthood, ripping away much needed sleep, it’s also a real problem. Every year 10,000 babies suffer injuries due to climbing out of the crib.  Some walk away with a bump and a scream, while others incur the unfathomable fatality.

Preventative Products

Until now, solutions to this issue have been mediocre at best. Baby products are a 10.3 billion-dollar industry, yet nothing was really created to directly address the age-old problem of how to keep a kid in the crib. That is until now! It took a simple idea to disrupt the industry and before we look at the real solution, let’s take a look at what else is out there.

Crib tents

These cumbersome additions to the crib are not only expensive and bulky, they can be dangerous. While they do keep toddlers locked in most of the time, they also have led to reports of serious injuries and even deaths. So much so that one manufacturer was forced to recall all of their products.

Sleep Sacks

Sleep sacks are less pricey and smaller than crib tents, which is great, but they weren’t created to keep kids in their cribs and they don’t do a very good job. By swaddling your toddler, they prevent movement all together. This may have worked with they were newborns, but it’s completely ineffective for toddlers. I don’t know about the creators, but when my little one is restricted all hell breaks loose until they eventually find their way out. Practically speaking, your toddler will easily be able to undo the Velcro to get out of the sleep sack. What’s the point of that! The sleep sacks were not meant to prevent crib escapes and they are not effective at preventing crib escapes.

Little Grounders

Rather than a multimillion dollar company, it took one mom who wasn’t going to give up on her sleep or her toddler’s life to figure out a way to keep her baby from climbing out of the crib. Little Grounders are a simple, effective garment created with both objectives in mind.

It is a soft, comfortable unisex, zippered onesie with padded feet like any other pajamas. Your child can move around, wiggle, stand, walk and play, while also limiting a child’s ability to climb out of their crib. What crazy contraption accomplishes this you ask?!?! It’s actually quite simple. There is a piece of flexible fabric between the legs that helps prevent your little one from climbing!

Little Grounders offers a real solution to a problem that will keep mommy, daddy and baby happy. You can stay up to date on the product launch by signing up for our newsletter.


A Little Love,

Little Grounders

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