Little Grounders l Pajamas That Help Prevent Climbing Out of Cribs
Little Grounders Pajamas

We can help keep your little one in the crib


Worry Less, Sleep More

Simply put, we can help keep your little one in the crib. Whether it's nap time, bed time or mom needs a break time, our climb-limiting and anti-zip pj's can help. Caring for tiny humans that constantly hop out of their cribs in the middle of the night and interrupt your well-deserved sleep is tough! Little Grounders™ can help you worry less and sleep more.

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We Get It

"Hi Mommy!" in that adorable baby voice just melts your heart, except for when it's 1 o'clock in the morning. Designed by a mom with first-hand experience of serial crib escapes, and made with lots of love.

How it Works

It's a zippered onesie with fabric connecting the legs, leaving enough wiggle room to walk, run and play, but not so much that they can throw their leg over the crib rail and climb out. Simple!

Wear it Baby

Test it out. Take long waddles on the beach, organize playdate marathons, go crazy, enjoy. If you’re not obsessed by day 15, send them back for a full refund. No questions asked. Can't beat that.

Happy baby, happier mommy

One mom’s mission to keep her baby from climbing out of the crib blossomed into a beloved collection of toddler garments. At Little Grounders™, we strive to provide parents with peace of mind through our comfortable climb-limiting clothing. Everything that we create begins and ends with the belief that a happy baby makes for a happier mommy.

"Mine worked great... Thank you so much for this wonderful invention."

Kim G., Texas

"I would definitely recommend these pajamas to other parents. There's nothing else like them and it may very well help others. Great product!"

Linda G., New Jersey

"I just received my order this past weekend. Thank you it works like a charm."

Julie D., Connecticut

"The pajama is definitely working and it’s stopped my 20 month old boys from climbing out of their cribs."

Amy R., VT

Your company has been so wonderful to work with and I thank you so very much for that! We used it last night for the first time and she is still sleeping in her crib!!!

Leslie L., NC