Little Grounders l Halloween Costumes for Babies & Toddlers

Halloween Costumes for Babies & Toddlers

Halloween is coming! Whether you and your little goblins take part in trick-or-treating or not, it’s still worth getting into the spirit of the season and dressing up. While your baby or toddler is too young to understand what’s going on, you can really have some fun with the costumes. As they get older, they will have opinions on these things and chances are their opinion will not coincide with yours. So take advantage of these first few Halloweens while you still have some of the control! 

Play with Nicknames

Dressing up your little one as a visual representation of his nickname is a fun and unique approach. Does your little one climb out of the crib repeatedly, love eating beans or have a head shaped like a Ladybug? Consider some popular nicknames such as Bean, Peapod, Peanut, Ladybug and Jailbreaker

Did you have a special in-the-belly name for your baby? A couple I know dressed up as Barney and Betty Rubble for Halloween one year and later referred to their oldest as “Bam Bam” while pregnant. For his first Halloween, they resurrected their couple costume from their pre-baby days and dressed their infant son as little Bam Bam Rubble - yabba dabba do!

Use Humor

Do you love a good joke? Are you a big fan of puns? Use humor or play on words when deciding on a fun and creative costume. Not that anyone’s really keeping score, but feel free to give yourself bonus points for finding an idea that will translate well into Instagram or video sharing!

For instance, if your little one’s primary mode of transportation is the army crawl, consider dressing her in military fatigues (pull out those cute military baby pajamas). For that climber who’s constantly climbing out of his crib at night, a prison jumpsuit as an homage to his ‘jailbreaker’ tendencies could be a fun choice. You could even put them in a pair of Little Grounders!

Create a Scene

Think about mobility in other ways as well - if you are going to be traversing around your neighborhood for trick-or-treat, consider incorporating a stroller or baby carrier into the costume design for your baby. Dress your tot as a Nascar driver and turn your stroller into a race car! How about a police officer and cruiser, a pirate and ship, or Batman and the Batmobile?  How about a jailbreaker for a serial crib escapee?

Stay Safe

A little bit of scary can make for a fun and spooktacular Halloween, but make sure you’re not giving you, or your baby, too much of a fright. Definitely give careful consideration to comfort, safety and security when choosing your baby or toddler’s Halloween costume. For instance, babies typically do not like having their faces covered. It’s best to steer clear of masks, which could cause unnecessary stress to your little one. Facepaints are generally good to avoid on young children’s very sensitive skin as well. Besides, why would you even want to cover up their adorable mugs?

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have tons of fun celebrating the season and establishing family traditions with your child. Happy haunting!

A Little Love,

Little Grounders

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